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Vide Marketing helps businesses grow through paid media

Paid Search
Paid search advertising captures the intent based customer who is looking for a relevant product or service using a search engine.
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Paid Social
With the average person spending at least two hours a day on social media, leveraging advertising on these platforms are critical.
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To maintain current customers with digital advertising, both remarketing and retargeting are two separate strategies for achieving this goal
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Display Banners
Display Banner Ads reach consumers who click through to relevant websites, (such as news or review websites) after conducting a search.
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Why We Love PPC & SEO

At Vide Marketing, we’re on a mission to change the world—one click-at-a-time.

There’s nothing more satisfying to us than seeing our clients’ businesses grow. It’s painful for us to watch ineffective PPC management waste a company’s potential.

To get the most out of your campaigns, we create a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience to produce sales.

We don’t stop there, though. We also test and analyze every aspect of your campaign and rigorously optimize it from click-to-close.

The consistent combination of PPC management, optimization and analytics is how we grow businesses…one click-at-a-time.

Why Us?

We offer dynamic Paid Media Marketing strategies
Global reach
Global reach Global Reach
Best Prices
Best Prices Best Prices
Big Experience
Big Experience Big Experience
Convenience Convenience
Dedicated Manager
Dedicated Manager Dedicated Manager

We help business owners in PDX & beyond grow!

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